The Return of the Divine Masculine

I see a lot of posting about the Return of the Divine Feminine (and have for several years), and I like that. What I don't see is anybody posting about the return of the Divine Masculine. This is happening too. Here is what the Divine Masculine looks like:

1. It is caring, nurturing and supportive.
2. It is strong, powerful and protective.
3. It is creative, dynamic and passionate.
4. It is vocal, receptive and understanding.
5. It is imaginative, perceptive and intuitive.

...among other things.

If this sounds a lot like the Divine Feminine to you, that's because IT IS.

Femininity and Masculinity are merely archetypes of Duality. The specific details, qualities or characteristics assigned to either or the other are irrelevant. They are each merely a half of the Divine One. In this comparison, there is only room for two, and neither can exist without the other. If masculinity and femininity do indeed exist, and YOU exist as One, then masculinity and femininity both necessarily co-exist IN YOU.

We can polarize the masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves, or we can polarize our own qualities against the qualities of a single other. We may define ourselves as one and define another as the other, but all we are doing when we use the terms Male/Female or Masculine/Feminine is worshipping the number 2. THAT'S IT!! You are allowed to worship any number that you please and each number carries its own power and is worthy of worship in its own specific way.

For centuries, humanity has been trying to separate itself into two species based on this binary polarization. This is completely illogical. The binary end-caps of the linear spectrum of duality do not exist. The end-point or end-cap is where any ideological spectrum breaks down. If you draw a line between two points and then delete one of the points, the line no longer exists. The two are required to make the one, and the one is required to relate the two. If you desire to create harmony between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, you must accept and unite both of the archetypes within yourself. Any number of individuals of any sex or gender may choose help you and support you in this process, but it is something you can and must do internally.

What I see in the world is not only a Return of the Divine Feminine, because she is not the only One who has been Lost. The two archetypes are utterly inter-dependent and if they do not co-exist in harmony as One, then both are sick, orphaned, lost, bastardized, missing...

What I see in the world right now is a return of the Divine, period. A Re-Union of the Divine Duality. This is the phase of the journey we are on. I am honored to be among you, witnessing and being witnessed in this time of love-making and Unity.

Namaste, my people.

With love,


Cassandra Coghill1 Comment