Reiki for Love

Reiki for Love

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Individual - This option will help you clear out any feelings of unworthiness or other emotional obstacles that are keeping you stuck in misery in your relationships.


Couple - This option will help couples increase feelings of warmth, affection and intimacy within a romantic relationship, dissolve tension and conflict in order to restore well-being and peace, and inspire conditions that may improve the fertility of each individual and of the relationship itself.

*This option may also be used to help an individual create space for drawing in an ideal lover, partner or spouse.


Family - This option helps to create feelings of peace and harmony within the home environment, to infuse the energetic matrix of the family with warmth, and  and intimacy among the members of a family, to dissolve tension and to clear any residual trauma that may be lingering from past experiences and interfering with the family's ability to move forward in wholeness and love.

*This option may also be used by the couple to help draw in the frequencies of fertility and passion, multiplying their love by attracting a third soul into the mix.

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