Hello, Dear One.

Thank you for visiting my Offerings page. These are some of the different kinds of nurturing and support available to you. I would invite you to consider the possibility that you already have access to everything you need.

Simply receive.

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Reiki for Health is designed to restore physical vitality in a way that allows you to embody yourself more fully and feel better equipped to manage the challenge at hand.

Whether your health issue is chronic or acute, you know that there must be a way to feel a little bit better than you already.

Reiki for Health clears away the emotional energy (fear, shame, anger, guilt, frustration, etc.) that is taking up space in your body right now and preventing your body from healing itself.

Photo by  Mayur Gala  on  Unsplash

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash


Reiki for Money is designed to increase the flow of abundance and prosperity through your life.

Whether you come from a background where money is appreciated and respected or grew up learning that it was something taboo, you’re committed to figuring this stuff out.

Reiki for Money will nurture and support you on your money journey, helping you transform your mindset from one of scarcity and lack to one that empowers you and your whole famly to thrive.

Photo by  Kawin Harasai  on  Unsplash


Reiki for Love is designed to help you clear emotional obstacles that are interfering with your ability to manifest the romantic relationship you desire.

Whether you are single and looking or in a relationship that just isn’t meeting your needs, you know that you are worthy of something better than what you currently have.

Reiki for Love aligns your energy field with your core value, the essence of your worth, and helps you attract the warmth and affection you and your loved ones deserve.