What is Reiki for Love?

Reiki for Love is one of the three major types of Reiki offered here at Infinite Genesis.

I feel like it's important for me to tell you a little bit more about what it is and how it works because, at a fundamental level, Reiki is Reiki.

Life-force energy is life-force energy, and unconditional love is unconditional love. So, why the different offerings?

Well, the simple answer is this: intentions matter.

As the recipient of a session of Reiki therapy, you have the ability to set your own intention for how that session will impact your life and how that energy is going to be used. By creating three major types of Reiki offerings (as well as several variations of my miniature Reiki therapy offering, the Reiki Rescue Remedy), I'm making it as easy as I possibly can for you to take stock of your own existence and decide where you need energy the most. When you commit to purchasing a certain style of Reiki therapy, by actually spending the funds, you are signaling to the Universe that you are open to receiving nurturing, support, healing and vitality in that area.

You are directing the Universe to send that energy straight to the area where YOU know YOU need it the most. This is one of the most powerful things you can possibly do.

Now that you understand a little bit more about how this process works, let's dive into the various options associated with the Reiki for Love offering (Individual, Couple and Family) in order to explore some of the situations where each would be the best option for someone in need of healing in their life.

1. Individual - The Individual option of the Reiki for love offering really is about bringing you into deeper love, connection and intimacy with your Self. It's about prioritizing your own well-being over the well-being of everyone else for a change. It's also about illuminating for you some of the ways you can show up more in service to the world just by navigating the experience of being YOU.

2. Couple - The Couple option of this offering is really designed for two very different kinds of people.

The first kind is the individual who is interested in holding space for their lover or soulmate (and is willing to put their money where their mouth is, so to speak). You see, Reiki energy always treats the recipient as a whole being, including the periphery of the being where it comes into contact with that which is Other. The practitioner has no real ability to control how Reiki energy flows once it enters the energy field of the recipient.

What the practitioner does have the ability to control is whom, or what, is included as a recipient of the offering. Now, clearly a Reiki practitioner cannot force someone to receive Reiki against their will, nor would any ethical practitioner make that attempt. (A well-trained practitioner is always taught to ask permission, either physically or metaphysically.) A Reiki practitioner can, however, offer a healing to any number of people at one time, choose to include a relationship itself in addition to the individuals involved, and even include a space or object as a recipient of the Reiki healing therapy. That means, as a Reiki therapist, I have the ability to set my intention for the Reiki offering to include not just you, but also the soul of your unidentified soulmate, lover, even child.

Whomever it is that you desire to form a deeply intimate connection with, Reiki has the power to assist you with manifesting that relationship... and I have the ability to help.

The second kind of people the Couples variation of Reiki for Love is designed for would be those who are already involved in a relationship with an individual and believe the relationship is in need of healing or detoxification of some kind.

Many people mistakenly assume that the partner has to be on-board in order for the Couples' version of a Reiki therapy session too work. This isn't necessarily always true. When the partner or other party in a relationship is resistant to participating in a Reiki healing therapy session with you, you can still order the session on their behalf with the understanding that if their soul refuses too receive the healing therapy, the energy will automatically re-direct itself back to you.

That means, if you set your intention to include your lover or child and, even underneath any mental programming they're trying to get rid of or unconscious obstacles that may be hindering them from agreeing to participate in the session with you, they genuinely have no desire to receive the energy, you simply get a double-dose!

3. Family - The Family option of Reiki for Love is basically just like the Couples version except bigger and more complex.

There are multiple people and several different relationships involved. Oftentimes, clients will request that this healing therapy include the detoxification of the home or some other representation of the whole group's shared environment.

While there certainly may be individual members of the family who refuse to receive the healing energy therapy, the relationships with those individuals will still become more light-hearted and peaceful for the family members who do agree to receive this energy.

That's because it only takes permission from one party in order for Reiki healing therapy to have a positive impact on a relationship.

Can it heal a relationship completely with the agreement of only one party? Of course not.

But can it heal the receiving party's experience of that relationship and therefore cause overall improvement in the relationship, even for the person who is resisting the healing for themselves? Absolutely! 

The impact on the resistant party will simply be indirect. And, if even one party is completely open to healing themselves and their relationships with all of their family members (and the energy of the environment that is shared by the group), that person will experience such a dramatic transformation that the Law of Vibration says everybody who is exposed to them will experience some level of healing and growth, too.

This article is a little bit more straightforward and less artistic than some of my other posts (it certainly doesn't read like poetry to me...), but I am hopeful that it is providing you with greater clarity about what the value added to your life when you purchase Reiki for Love will be.

With love,


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